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“Saint-Peak” Plateau Wine with the pure and nourished raw materials
The unique natural conditions such as high altitude, intense UV radiation, thin oxygen, pure
without pollution and high mineral substances make the plateau Goji bigger in grains, sweeter in
taste, richer in nutritional substances, more fleshy, colorful and active ingredients as well as
medicinal value than those from other regions.
World-level technology embodies many technical and process innovations
Taking pure Goji as raw materials without adding any pigment, essence or preservative, we
combine traditional brewing technology and advanced biology techniques by using the technology
of micro-aerobic fermentation at low temperature to ensure vitamins, flavone and phenols as well
as other nutritional active matters not damaged. Meanwhile, it can bring us mellow and sweet taste.
Management of British-style Organic Manor
A British management consultant is engaged in the manor, a set of rigid and effective
British-styled management system is introduced in 18 processes, such as planting, picking, juicing,
enzymolysis, fermentation, aging, storage and finished products, so as to take quality as our
support and strengthen the power of the brand.

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