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   The irrigation water of the manor comes from the meltwater of Kunlun Mountains. We use the physical mode of interaction in nature instead of any chemical fertilizers, growth regulators, synthetic pesticides, chemical food additives and other materials in the planting process to prevent and control plant diseases and insect pests according to the organic production system and method of Goji growing.
   It is very dry with little rainfall at the manor. The daily average sunshine period reaches 15 hours and the temperature differences between day and night is very large, and the groundwater resource is rich. So the natural ecological conditions are conducive to fruit growth and nutrient accumulation. It usually takes 40-50 days from blossom and fruitage until maturity. The fresh “Saint-Peak” Goji berry presents red color like a ruby which is fleshy, full and big with bright color and sweet taste. It is rich in nutrients and the content of bioactive components is also very high in regulating the human body’s physiological functions.
    The raw materials of “Saint-Peak” Goji wine come from Qijiu Manor without any pigment, flavor and preservatives. During the wine brewage, traditionally biological aging process is applied scientifically with micro aerobic fermentation at low temperature, and it ensures that various nutritional components such as vitamins, flavonoids, and phenols, etc. will not be damaged. The storage with oak barrels brings us the mellow and sweet feeling in the mouth.
    A British management consultant is engaged in the manor, a set of rigid and effective British-styled management system is introduced in 18 processes, such as planting, picking, juicing, enzymolysis, fermentation, aging, storage and finished products, so as to take quality as our support and strengthen the power of the brand.
    The plateau aura has been enriched in the wine of Qijiu Manor, and ensures you to feel the wine’s wonderful taste from the tip of tongue to your mind.
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