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   Qinghai Saint-Peak Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., located at No. 26, Jingsan Road, Qinghai Biotechnology Park (A State-level Economical and Technological Development Zone), was founded on March 30, 2011 according to the modern enterprise system with a registered capital of RMB10 million, and has built up professional workshops in conformity with the standards and R&D Building with multiple functions with investment of RMB210 million.
   Our company carries out the state’s macro policies to strive developing agricultural industrialization and improve farmers’ living standard with the missions of harmony between human and nature, combination of greenness and health and attitude of sincerity to others. We pursue the development concept of sci-tech innovation and integrity with top quality, making full use of biological resources of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, such as seabuckthorn and Goji, that is of environmental protection and health and free of pollution. Relying on the research strength of Northwest Plateau Biology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other organizations, we devote ourselves to research and development of deep-processing of Goji and seabuckthorn the products such as organic Goji, Goji wine, functional drink, Goji seed oil, seabuckthorn oil and Goji flavonoid, etc.
   At the early establishment of our company, more than 130ha of Goji planting bases have been built in Qaidam Basin on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the standard, professional and advanced management concept. We adopt strict standard to grow Goji and manage the bases. Our products completely conform to the requirements of organic standards and have passed the organic certification of the EU and USA.
   Adhering to the enterprise spirit of unity, pragmatism, efficiency and innovation, our company makes our mind to assiduously work hard, widely make friends and achieve win-win result in global cooperation and is willing to actively create wealth for the whole society and provide safe and health products for the customers. We’re determined to make our company a leading enterprise in deep processing of Goji and seabuckthorn and let the “Saint-Peak” become the well-known brand in China as well as the world as a whole.
National Hotline:400-8087-666
Telephone:+86-971-6258166 Fox:0971-6255966 Postcode:810016 Address:No.26,Jingsan Road,Qinghai Biotechnology Park,Xining,Qinghai
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